Go Behind The Scenes And Learn How One Of The World’s Best Coaches Trains Athletes To Be Faster, Stronger And More Explosive On The Field Or The Court

Gain Access to Mike Robertson’s Proven Formula For Maximizing The Potential Of Your Athletes…Regardless Of Sport, Age Or Gender

We’re all looking to gain an edge when it comes to helping our athletes reach their potential. It’s the nature of our jobs – to put our athletes in a position to compete as successfully as possible.

Whether you work with young athletes or All Stars at the professional level…

We can all make improvements to our current way of doing things.

In fact, nine times out of ten those improvements come from making simple changes or a slight shift in focus from the system or approach you use right now.

In fact, that’s likely why you’re reading this. You want to continue to improve. You want to be the best coach possible for your athletes and you’re continually looking for that extra edge that while your competition is settling for the status quo.

Mike Robertson is exactly the same.

In spite of Co-Owning Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training, one of the Top 10 Gyms in the U.S. according to Men’s Health, and being the go to expert for some of the World’s top athletes like NBA All Star Roy Hibbert, Mike and his Team are constantly working to get better.

In fact, their two complete, closed door staff trainings are packed with more practical information that will make coaches and the athletes they train better than 95% of the Certifications on the market.

Because these coaching intensives are so valuable and packed with tips and strategies to make you a better coach, we went behind the scenes and filmed two recent staff training where Mike specifically addressed Athlete Development and are making them available in this brand new resource…

Get Instant Access to Insiders Secrets of Athletic Development

Look over Mike’s shoulder as he shares the secrets to Athletic Development with his own team.

This type of educational opportunity it truly unmatched because you get what you can be sure is Mike’s 100% best information as it’s exactly what he wants delivered in his own facility.

No fluff.

No condensed seminar version.

Nothing held back.

This is the latest information that Mike is putting into practice at IFAST to ensure they stay on the leading edge when it comes to training young athletes.

And now you can get behind the scenes access to it.

In Insiders Secrets to Athlete Development you’ll gain instant access to:

Staff Training #1 – Secrets of Athlete Development

In this staff training you’ll discover…

  • Mike’s Proven R7 approach for developing athletes.
  • The outside factors that you have to consider when coaching athletes.
  • The 5 S’s that make up 5 Star Athletes.
  • How to prep athletes to make every training session a winner.
  • How to integrate skill development into training.
  • Why Deceleration Training has to come first.
  • The role Recovery plays in developing bulletproof athletes.
  • The movement patterns you must be training to build athletes.
  • And much, much more!

Staff Training #2 – Secrets of Long-Term Athlete Development

In this staff training Mike shares:

  • How to develop young athletes safely while still seeing rapid progress.
  • What parents and coaches need to know so that you can make them advocates for your program.
  • The balance of athlete development vs skill development.
  • The foundation of functional performance.
  • How to get your athletes to the top of the “performance pyramid”.
  • How to break them down and build them up for faster and better results.
  • The key developmental stages for optimal development.
  • A step by step blueprint for developing the kids you coach.

Plus, as a Special Bonus, You’ll Also Receive A Three-Part Case Study When Mike Shares Exactly How He Designed A Program For a Major League Soccer All-Star

In this Three-Part Case Study you can see how Mike puts his system and the secrets that you’ll learn in the two staff trainings into action, designing a program for one of his own clients.

Again – no fluff. No boilerplate program. You get to see exactly what Mike’s doing to get one of his high profile athletes the best possible results. This Case Study is worth several times the cost of the entire Secrets of Athlete Development program, but it’s yours as a Bonus.

So How Much is This Behind The Scenes Information Worth?

Now is the point where you’re likely wondering what the cost is for information this valuable. Attending a seminar where you’d hope to get this volume and depth of information would likely be over $1000 if you considered registration and travel.

Getting just a couple hours of Mike’s time would likely be more than that if he could (and would be willing to) fit you in.

But the fact is we’re going to give you this information for far less than it is worth.

Mike was willing to share this Closed Door Staff Training specifically to help those trainers and coaches who are driven to be their best for themselves and their athletes.

So you can get instant access to the complete Insiders Secrets to Athlete Development package for ONLY $49.95.

Grab Insiders Secrets to Athlete Development now and you’ll be watching your first Staff Training in just a few moments.

Today Only $49.95

I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.
“Your ‘Nothing to Lose And Everything To Gain’ Guarantee”

We insist you order the Insiders Secrets to Athlete Development package entirely at our risk.

If you are not 100% thrilled with the Insiders Secrets to Athlete Development package, simply let us know and will refund your entire purchase price for up to a full year – that’s 365 days.

With the promise of a full, no questions asked refund if you’re not satisfied, there is absolutely NO RISK on your part.

That’s right, we’ll give you 365 days to check out and put Insiders Secrets to Athlete Development into practice and if you don’t think that it’s everything we said it was, we’ll give you your money back.

Get Instant Access To The Complete Insiders Secrets to Athlete Development Package For ONLY $49.95.

I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.

It’s up to you now.

We’re giving you behind the scenes access to one of the industry’s best coaches sharing his secrets to athletic development and we’re assuming all the risk.

Order the Insiders Secrets to Athlete Development package for ONLY $49.95 and make a positive impact on your athletes’ future.


Make today your best!

Ryan Ketchum


P.S. – If you take away just one tip or strategy to improve your programming, you’re more than getting your money’s worth…but you won’t take away just one thing, you’ll have dozens of takeaways that will allow your athletes to experience new levels of success they never thought were possible.

P.P.S. – Get behind the scenes access that has only been offered to Mike’s own staff that will make you and your athletes better for only $49.95. Order now and if you decide you don’t love it within the next 365 days, we’ll refund your money. It’s just that simple.

Today Only $49.95

I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.